BeWalking - Step counter and walk history tracker for your iPhone 5S

- BeWalking is a sophisticated StepCounter and walking history recorder with capability to record your daily walking history and metrics for years 
- Developed from the ground up for the iPhone 5S leveraging its motion coprocessor 
- Leverages the powerful motion coprocessor on the iPhone 5S to track and record your steps. No other device to purchase or wear other than your iPhone 5S 
- Set Goals and Success thresholds to track your progress and motivate 
- Works efficiently in the background recording your daily steps history even when the app running in the background 
- Presents an interactive 7 day at a glance graphical view as a bar graph or scatter plot 
- View your daily walking history statistics like Top Walk by Steps, Average steps, total steps and more. 
- Easily view your walking history via the history browsing reports 
- Customizable stride settings, daily step goals, success threshold and even distance settings (miles or km) 
- Data is stored privately on your iPhone 5S and you may share your daily progress with friends using Airdrop, Mail, iMessage, and other social networks (if available)

Available on the AppStore!