Our Apps


BabySmile is the perfect app to capture smiles and avoid closed eyes in babies and kids (even the very fast moving ones). 

Available on the AppStore.



-Same amazing features as above but optimized for the iPad and iPad Air.

Available on the AppStore.





- Cool Pedometer, step counter and walking history recorder for the iPhone 5S and its M7 motion coprocessor.

Available on the AppStore!



- Get fit! Stay healthy! Walk 10k steps! This cool app exclusively for the iPhone 5S and its M7 motion coprocessor empowers you to track and achieve your step goal.  Start small and get to 10,000 steps a day or more.

Available on the AppStore!

For email inquiry: app@4kiq.com

For BabySmile and BabySmileHD: babysmile@4kiq.com

For BeWalking App: bewalking@4kiq.com

For 10kSteps App: 10ksteps@4kiq.com